China wants to be a friend of the USA, but the USA wants to be an enemy of China

In the presidential confrontation between Trump and Biden, China has always been mentioned as an enemy. The American people have been tricked into wording that it is China who robbed the jobs of American citizens and that it is China who has been earning American money for many years.

In fact, when you think about it, you will know that American money has always been in the hands of Wall Street. Wall Street found that doing business production was not profitable, so the rich capitalists moved the hardest part (which is the production part) out of the United States.

Where to move? Of course, they will move to wherever they can earn most. If the production cost is lower in Japan, they will move business to Japan; if the production cost is the lower in South Korea, they will move to South Korea.

Now they found lowest production cost is China, so they moved their business to China. In the future, they may find the lowest production cost is in Indonesia, India, or Vietnam, and then they will move the business to Indonesia, India or Vietnam.

At that time, you will find that everything is made in Indonesia, India or Vietnam. In fact, behind these factories are the capital of American and European companies, and the locals are just exploited employees. Why will capital flew to these areas? Because the cost will be cheaper.

Of course, these locals where the factory is located should have a good infrastructure. The richest people don’t care about the infrastructure in the most developed areas of the financial industry, because they have money, they don’t need to go out everyday.

In this way, the regions with a well-developed financial industries no longer need to hire so many employees, and employees will lose their jobs. After the employees were unemployed, they found that they could not find suitable jobs, because the suitable jobs went to Indonesia, India or Vietnam.

Who do unemployed citizen hate? Who they should hate most are the rich capitalists in the United States, because rich capitalists can decide which country to put their money in. However, the rich capitalists are controlling the English media, so they repeatedly said in the media: hate China! China have robbed you of your job.

American capitalists need people to support them, so they want the people to hate China. The people themselves have no way to deal with China, and they have to support the most powerful people in this country, the capitalists, to accomplish their goals. In this way, capitalists have become objects that the people have to rely on, and the people will support the capitalists.

So the capitalists need people’s hatred of China. The more unemployed citizen hate, the happier rich capitalists are.

More than half a year has passed. Although China has fulfilled the first phase of the Sino-US trade agreement, even though China has exported a steady stream of medical supplies to the United States, and even though China has remained silent on many attacks and restrained in countermeasures, the United States still launched a countermeasure A series of all-round attacks and sanctions by Chinese companies, universities, and governments, not to mention the attacks from public opinion, also demanded that the Chinese Consulate in Houston be closed within 72 hours, and then broke in.

American capitalists have the knowledge that China is not an enemy. But the capitalists need to mark an enemy for citizens, and China is the most suitable one for this chair.

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