The United States is splitting: the hatred posts in social media are intensifying social conflicts

The American media organization “American Media Research Center” released a survey on American social media. According to the survey, since May 2018, US President Trump has been censored 65 times by Twitter and Facebook, but Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has never been censored by social media giants.

Public opinion believes that the current division of social media in the United States has intensified and has contributed to the intensification of the tearing of the entire society.

The New York Post reported that it obtained information from the computer used by the Democratic presidential candidate, Biden’s second son, Hunter Biden, and discovered that the content of sensitive communications between Hunter and a senior executive of an energy company in Ukraine involved corruption.

At the critical moment when the general election is entering the countdown, the report naturally attracted widespread attention immediately. But what suprised us is, Facebook and Twitter have restricted the spread of this article on social media, and many Twitter accounts that reposted this article have even been frozen. This action was criticized by many conservatives as “speech censorship.”

According to a survey conducted by the American Media Research Center in October, since 2020, Facebook and Twitter employees have donated million dollars to the Democratic Party through personal donations or donations to the Political Action Committee of the United States.

Twitter employees donated $347,270 to the Democratic Party, accounting for 98.99% of the company’s total federal donations. However, the company’s donation to the Republican Party was only $3,556, only 1.01% of the company’s total federal donations.

Similarly, Facebook employees have donated $2.4 million to the Democratic Party, accounting for 91.68% of the company’s total federal donations. The company’s donation to the Republican Party was only $218,576, only 8.2% of the total donation.

The Democratic candidate Biden has also received more than $700,000 in donations from employees of Twitter and Facebook.

Most employees of American social media giants are leftist. According to Vox News, some Republican employees in Twitter have said that the “too leftist” political stance of the entire company often makes them “unable to express their views and ideas at ease”, and feel invisible pressure.

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