8 top Chinese e-commerce platforms for selling your products to China

Top Chinese e-commerce markets that host foreign retailers include the following.

Tmall Global is the cross-border version of Tmall – China’s premier online domestic market. Owned by Alibaba Group, it was launched in 2014 and sells only imported goods through hosted foreign merchandise stores on the Tmall website. Tmall offers country pavilions that collect products from the same country on one page. It uses Alibaba’s proprietary Alipay for payments.

JD Worldwide operates the second largest online cross-border hub in China, established in 2015. JD is taking the lead in home appliances and consumer electronics. For its market model, JD Worldwide plays host to major foreign logistics stores. JD uses Tencent’s online payment escrow service, Tenpay, to conclude transactions in US dollars.

Suning Global Launched in 2014, it is the cross-border online hub of China’s largest commercial company, Suning. It features around 300 foreign store fronts and offers store servicing and financial support services. The most popular product category is electrical appliances. It uses its own online payment escrow service, Yi-Pay, to conclude transactions in RMB or foreign currencies.

Amazon China Store. This is Amazon China’s haitao platform for Chinese customers. It uses Alipay, Tenpay, and UnionPay to conclude transactions in RMB or foreign currency.

All of these markets require securities investments and commission fees, also collect an annual platform fee. They also offer a variety of business models – either allowing buyers to do logistics themselves or performing the warehouse and delivering them to them.

Online supermarkets directly show large quantities of products overseas. There are no identified shopfronts. Overseas buyers sell their products to supermarkets at a negotiated wholesale price. The supermarkets then pick up a signal.

Kaola is a cross-border e-Commerce supermarket with the largest bonded warehouses in China. Buyers from around 40 countries sell their products on the Kaola platform.

JD.com also operates a hypermarket business. For this model JD Worldwide acts as a middleman, buying inventory from overseas companies and reselling it to Chinese customers.

Suning also offers a hypermarket model with direct stock.

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